Blushing Spaghetti Vongole or Rose Linguine Vongole

So, for my next dish I decided to do a Spaghetti Vongole. Why? Because I had some frozen clams and I happened to find this recipe in the book. Not the most interesting story, but often we cook what we have rather than going out and buying all new ingredients.

Unlike many other recipes in this book, this one is not time consuming or filled with random ingredients that I’ve never even heard of. But, it requires a bit of timing and precision (although if you’re not spot on, that’s ok) I don’t have many pictures for this one because from beginning to end (including chopping and prep) it took me all of 20 minutes to do.

Sorry about the lighting

Sorry about the lighting

Pretty much like every recipe that I do, I made a few changes. I looked for what he called a “Blush Pinot Grigio” and couldn’t find it so instead I used just a regular Rosé wine. It needs to be a bit sweet for the dish, but I don’t think it matters too much on the brand. Secondly, I used frozen clams, which were still very good. I also could not find a sun dried tomato paste, so I used a regular one. I am curious about finding one sometime, but I thought this would do here. I also had no fresh parsley so I used some parsley flakes at the beginning. Lastly, I used linguine instead of spaghetti because…..I have no idea why…..

Like I said before, the process is really fast. and you have to have everything ready. You put the oil on high, quickly throw on garlic, chille, tomato paste and tomatoes and then after only a few seconds you’re supposed to throw on the clams. I accidentally threw in the wine first, but that didn’t hurt. You steam everything for a few minutes until the shells open and then you mix in your noodles. I decided to try the sauce like Jamie suggested in the book and had to add a touch of salt and a couple pinches of sugar, because I felt it was a bit sour.


In the end, it was a great spicy dish for 2. I enjoyed making it because I’ve never really fried anything at such high heat, so I was interested how everything would turn out. Luckily, nothing got burnt or overdone and it went great with a nice white wine. Looking forward to making this again some time. Until next time, when I try Jamie’s Amazing Apple Pie!


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