Jamie’s Top (Quinoa) Quesadillas

For this recipe I decided to let my wife pick. I thought she picked a pretty easy one with quesadillas, but man was I wrong. Since I’m trying to go all out for every recipe I had to make my own tortillas, and not just any tortillas, but quinoa tortillas. This was not nearly as easy as Jamie made it sound, so let’s start!

When I think of quesadillas it’s usually flour tortillas with cheese and chicken.As you can see by the ingredients, there is no meat and no flour. The main ingredients were Brussels sprouts and onion. Jamie recommended pecorino cheese, but I have yet to come across it so I stuck with good old parmigiano reggiano. I didn’t find any fresh thyme either so I used dried leaves. Once again, his onions are probably a bit smaller than the ones we get here so I only used one large red onion.

For me, the first step was by far the most difficult. I had to take the quinoa with some olive oil and a bit of baking powder and blend it into a fine flour. Then, I added some water and rolled it up into a dough. With some of the left over flour, I dusted a surface and began to roll the dough. The recipe only calls for four large tortillas, so it’s not a ton of work, but it’s difficult to get right the first time. What you see in the picture above is my 4th or 5th attempt. The dough tends to stick to the rolling pin or breaks apart because there is no gluten. Eventually, I got it right. Then I had to fry them briefly on each side before I was ready to fill them.


The other step is of course preparing your filling, which is pretty easy. You just fry the onions and sprouts for about 20 minutes until they become caramelized.


Although Jamie recommended to cut the tortillas into nice circles, I decided to leave them. The tortillas have no gluten so they break apart pretty easily and I didn’t want to break them any more. I also got sick of rolling and playing with these things haha. Eventually, I got to the point where I could fill them with the veggies and cheese. Then it’s just a matter of folding them over and frying them on each side.

They came out nice and crunchy. For me, these had a very different taste to what I’m used to and I loved them! If you’re not a fan of Brussels sprouts it may be a bit difficult to convince you to make these, but I highly recommend them. I dipped them in some sour cream mixed with hot sauce, but you can even use some natural yoghurt. The other surprising bit was how filling these were. I had a couple and was full for the night. This just shows that you don’t always need meat for dinner. Every once in a while, it’s good to try something totally different and this was definitely something I’ve never attempted before. Although I don’t think the tortillas came out perfect, I learned a lot in the process and can guarantee you the second time will be a lot better. That said, they were delicious and made for a great dinner for 2. See you next time!


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