Double Whammy Toad in the Hole

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with school lately, so I haven’t had much time to do any blog posts, but I promise that I’m done now and will have lots of recipes starting this week. A couple weeks back I had a chance to make another Jamie Oliver Comfort Food recipe for some family. I chose to do Toad in the Hole because we had several people coming over and this didn’t look too difficult. I actually got help from my wife on this one and it went really quickly and turned out perfectly!

One of the things I liked about this recipe was the limited ingredients. The reason I believed he called it “double whammy” is because you had to use two huge baking dishes for the batter. Not totally sure you need that whole second pan, but it was all good. I used 14 eggs for this recipe! Aside from that, I stuck to his recipe very closely and I don’t think I had any substitutions.


Unfortunately, the picture I took when I was making gravy was just awful, so I don’t want to post it. So, I posted a picture of all the eggs instead. This was my wife’s job. Beating the eggs with milk and flower and eventually adding the beer. The batter was runny and smooth, but we weren’t sure it was done correctly. Luckily, a runny batter is totally ok for toad in the hole.


Eventually you come up with something like this. I put it in the oven for a little longer than the 30 minutes he suggested. Both batters taste very similar, but what makes them amazing is the gravy.


Here’s the final result with green beans and gravy. What’s great about the recipe is that you could probably have it for any meal of the day. Everything was also very easy to make. The gravy only requires you to fry up some onions add HP sauce and a stock cube with water. As far as his recipes go, this is very easy. It also has so many servings, so it’s a great dish for a dinner party.

I will have many more recipes to come this week, including a whole dinner party menu! Stayed tuned.


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