Jamie Oliver Inspired Dinner Party – Veal Schnitzel

This week, I’m going to do something a little different. Last weekend my wife and I hosted a 7 person dinner party. Most of the recipes came from either Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food book or from his website. Unfortunately, because I was so busy preparing food and enjoying good times with friends, I forgot to take any pictures….womp womp. This means you’ll just have to take my word on what happened. The results were amazing and a good time was had by all!

I find the best way to plan a dinner party is to pick a main course and then to work everything around that. I chose to make Schnitzel, using fine veal escalopes. But before this there were several courses. Find some of the recipes I used at the bottom of the post.

I started everyone with a few jalapeno poppers which were made from scratch. This was the only non-JO recipe. They were very easy to make and were a great spicy start to the meal. Topped with some bread crumbs and bacon, they were delicious.

Next, I served some of my spiced tomato soup. I will be posting a recipe on how to make it soon. I served it with some antipasti crostini with buffalo mozzarella. People love toasted bread with cheese so this is a no brainer. It also was a great accent to the slightly spicy soup.

Then it came time for the main course. I decided to use veal for the schnitzel for an extra special feel. By using thin strips and pounding the meat slightly, the meat came out incredibly tender. Jamie’s recipe involved apple and water cress salad and a potato salad on the side. It also had a bit of blackcurrant jam. To finish it off, there was a sprinkle of onion, pickle, anchovy and parsley. This was an amazing dish that everyone enjoyed. The salads and jam added something special to the dish and were very easy to prepare. The veal was breaded and fried golden brown.

Lastly, for dessert I decided to make some sticky toffee pudding. I used a recipe from his site. This was a perfect dish for 7-8 people and was super easy to make. It’s topped with your own sauce and was a great finish to the night.

The best part of all dinner parties is of course having friends over and having a good time. You may think it’s a lot of work and that I can’t deny. Between the prep work and all the cooking, most of your day is gone. But every once in a while, it’s definitely worth it when everyone can come over and enjoy the food you made. It’s also a great time to forget about some of the stress of the world and just have some fun. Hopefully for the next party I will remember to take some pictures!

I will have many more recipes upcoming! Please find some of the recipes I used below.







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