Gnocchi & Squash Sauce

The great thing about making gnocchi is that it’s not too tricky and is very versatile. You can pair it with lots of dishes, serve it during dinner parties, or have it on its own. It’s also very budget friendly and there’s always lots of servings. This was not my first time making gnocchi which made the recipe feel pretty easy for me. This was however, the first time I ever made it with a squash sauce. This is probably a better fall recipe, but whatever, it’s my blog and I decided I wanted some!

Instead of one picture for all the ingredients, this time I decided to show everyone all the ingredients in stages. What I liked about this recipe was the simple ingredients. The main things you can see below are 4 large potatoes, 1 whole butternut squash and a bunch of flour. I substituted ground nutmeg for the fresh stuff that was called for in the recipe, and I did not use Maris Piper potatoes as was suggested (still can’t find any in Canada).  Aside from that, I followed the recipe closely.




This was the first time I’ve ever used this type 00 flour. It’s a fine flour used for making pasta and it made the gnocchi very soft. I look forward to using it in many recipes to come!

First thing I did was bake the potatoes for about an hour. Then scooped out the stuff and mashed it well. In the meantime I finely chopped the garlic, fresh rosemary and chilli pepper. I fried that quickly and put in the squash, vegetable boullion cube and some boiling water. I let it simmer for about 35-40 minutes and mushed up the squash in the end. It created a nice thick sauce.

 Here you can see the before and after pics. This was a nice and easy step that I just did while the potatoes were baking. Nothing fancy about preparing this sauce, but it was excellent.

Next, it was time to get the gnocchi ready. Some of you may think this is difficult, but it’s really quite simple. Mash the potatoes and create a well. Crack in 2 eggs, flour and some nutmeg. Then gently mix it together until it’s smooth, but not heavy. You need a lot of flour, but don’t overdo it. It just needs to be stuck together.

I had a floured surface ready and I took a bit of the mash and rolled it out. Then I cut them into little bits and put a fork to them to create a bit of a ridge. The nice thing is, once you finish this bit, the rest is super easy.

I boiled the water and dropped about 10 in at a time. They only need about 2 minutes in boiling water until they’re ready.

I’m starting to realize that what makes these dishes special is not just the preparation of the meal itself. It’s the bit of garnish that goes on top to give the dish that little extra kick. Even though in the book the recipe says to add parmesan cheese on top, there is a little footnote that also suggests a little bit of orange zest. It might sound like nothing, but to me it added an extra flavour to the dish that made it amazing. Serve it with your favourite wheat beer and you’ll love it!

Like I said in the intro, this is more of a fall recipe, but I can tell you it tastes just as good in the spring. Serve this at your next dinner party to impress your guests, or make it for yourself just for fun. You can have everything ready in just over an hour if you time it right. Have fun with it!


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