Jamie Oliver’s Divine Dosa

I went with another vegetarian option today. I was curious about this recipe for several reasons. First, I love Indian food. Second, I had never cooked with any mustard seeds before. Eventually this recipe turned out amazing, but it took a few attempts to learn how to make dosa.

I started off by making the filling. I used sweet potatoes, potatoes and regular carrots. Jamie’s recipe called for baking potatoes and mixed-colour heritage carrots, but I went with these instead. I baked them for just over an hour until they were soft. Then it was just a matter of mashing them before the next step.

I fried the ingredients above for a few minutes and added all the roasted vegetables. it created an amazing smell and was already pretty tasty on its own. At the end I added some green onions and some fresh coriander. That was all the easy part.

Making the batter was a breeze, just some chickpea flour, baking soda, salt and water. But, cooking it was not so easy. I used a slightly smaller pan than the one Jamie used and I have no idea how it looked so easy in the book. For the first few tries the dosa kept breaking apart before I could wrap it and was not easily coming off of the pan. Eventually I realized I had to use very little batter and make it super thin.

The last bit was making the minty yoghurt as the dip. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but key to enjoying this dish.

 I was actually pretty happy with the end result, considering all the effort with the dosa. I topped the yoghurt with some mango chutney and it was amazing! There was a perfect blend of crispy texture with soft filling. The dip added some sweetness to the slightly spicy dosa. Again, it’s not just about the main dish, but how it’s accented by everything else on the plate. The plate shows one dosa, but I had about three of them because they were so good. I can’t even describe how well everything went together. This is something I look forward to making again, now that I know how to make the dosa!


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