Jamie Oliver’s “Next Level” Steak & Onion Sandwich

How can a sandwich be next level? By properly caramelizing the onions, that’s how! Sorry for the delay in posts, but the wife was away, so there was no need to cook fancy meals. Today I am posting a rather simple recipe, but one that is full of flavour. There’s really nothing better than a great sandwich on those hot summer evenings, so here we go.

There were two steps to making the sandwich: first, caramelize the onions, second, cook the steak. To make the onions, I sliced them thickly and put them in a dutch oven. I fried them in oil, butter, sugar, bay leaves and fresh rosemary for a few minutes them poured  in some red wine vinegar. That was pretty much all the work, aside from the waiting, which took roughly 40 minutes.

Here they are about a quarter of the way through the process. They begin to get some colour and soften quickly.

Here is the large flank steak I used for the meat. I prefer my meat medium-rare or rare, but you can cook it any way you want. A few minutes on each side and you’re done. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best piece of meat ever and did not end up being very tender. But, the meat still had good flavour so the sandwich was still very good!

In the end, throw in some watercress and some spicy mustard and you’re good to go. A rather simple recipe with an amazing sweet and tangy flavour created by the onions. Just remember, the better quality of meat, the better the sandwich will be. Next time, I will be sure to buy a better cut!


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