Jamie Oliver’s Polish Pierogi

I was really excited to try this pierogi recipe. I’m Polish so I make a lot of Polish food, but pieorgi were not in my repertoire. I felt like I needed to step up my game a bit and learn how to make them if I wanted to call myself a true Polish person. Well this recipe certainly didn’t disappoint and I am excited that I’ve had this experience. It wasn’t an overly difficult recipe, but it was time consuming with several important steps.

I divided this into 3 stages. First, making the dough. For this, there were eggs, flour, sour cream and baking powder. This was a matter of mixing those ingredients and making a dough. You can see the result below. Luckily, this wasn’t the first time I’ve ever made dough, so I kind of had an idea of the consistency needed. This also only took a few minutes of kneading so it wasn’t too painful. Then I popped it in the fridge for a bit.

The next step was to work on the filling. This was a mix of cabbage, potatoes, onion and cheese. First, the cabbage needed to pickle for a bit, while the potatoes were boiling. Once the potatoes were done, I fried some fennel seeds (did not have any caraway like the recipe suggested) in a dry pan before adding in some oil and onion. Once the onions softened, I added some butter and the pickled and chopped cabbage. The last bit was just mashing this up with the potatoes, some old cheddar cheese and some pepper.

Frying it all up

Frying it all up

Cabbage in process of pickling

Cabbage in process of pickling

Mixed together

Mixed together

 The last step was the most important, and that was putting the pierogi together. I’ve never done this before, so I was crossing my fingers that the dough would hold and that I could fold them properly. After rolling out the dough and cutting it with a glass, I was ready to stuff them. I used one tablespoon of filling for each of the pierogi. Since the dough was nice and stretchy, it was easy to fill and close without tearing it. They turned out great! Of course, since this was my first time, some were better than others.

Then, I just boiled them for about 5 minutes each and fried them over butter. I served them with a mix of sour cream lemon zest and chives (as recommended).

The dough was great and they tasted amazing. I would say they’re a little different than the ones I usually eat. My guess is that I have to perfect how to make the dough and make sure I roll it out nice and even. That way, I’ll be able to get more filling in. Aside from that, I loved them and I’m really happy that I learned how to make them.

The recipe made 26 pierogi, which is a great dinner for 4, or for 2 a couple of times. They freeze really well once boiled, so all I’ll have to do is pop them in a pan if I ever want another batch. The one major drawback is the time it takes to make them. It took about 2 hours to make and I had help almost the whole way from my wife. But, knowing that I can make these is worth it. ‘Til next time!


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