Southern Style Fried Chicken

Here was another recipe that I was really looking forward to. Recently I’ve made some of my favourite foods like Pizza and Ice Cream, so I thought I’d continue this trend by making fried chicken. I’ve often grilled breaded chicken, but never went through the process of deep frying it. This recipe was technically a 2 day process because of the brine, but was essentially very little work for a great reward!

First thing was making the brine for the chicken. This was a matter of toasting some peppercorns, then adding salt, brown sugar, fresh thyme, bay leaves, garlic and some water. Bring the ingredients to a boil and let it cool down. I used 4 chicken thighs and 4 drumsticks and placed them into the brine overnight. This simple step adds so much flavour to the chicken.

 The next morning, I poured out the brine and poured in some buttermilk. I let that sit for another 8 hours.

Once I was ready to cook, I mixed flour with cayenne, garlic powder, baking powder, smoked paprika and onion powder and dipped each piece until coated. Then I started heating up 2 litres of peanut oil until it reached 180 degrees Celsius. I dipped each piece in one more time and fried a couple pieces at a time. Once each piece was done, I put them on an oven rack and popped them in the oven for just over 30 minutes.

 They came out perfect! Just as good as any chicken I’ve ever had. I served them with some pickled cabbage and a sweet potato. I bet it would also go great with a warm buttermilk biscuit! The skin is nice and crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. What more could you want out of a meal? What made this extra special was the effort you put in at the beginning with the brine. Don’t just season the chicken and pop it into a fryer. Take the time to make a good brine and it pays off!


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