Insanity Burger

Anyone who eats meat likes a good burger. They’re juicy, flavourful and can be topped with just about anything. This recipe was a fun way to make a burger and was well worth the extra bit of effort. Even though I didn’t have the right buns, the rest of the recipe was fantastic!

The first step was making the burgers. I used some nice minced meat from chuck steak. I had enough for 4 burgers which I rolled up, chilled until ready and then seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of oil. The second step was getting the onion pickled.

Next step was to make the burger sauce. This was a mix of iceburh lettuce, mayo, chipotle sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

When I was ready to cook, I started by cooking some bacon and let it sit until I was ready to put it on the burger. Jamie had a ritual to making his burger so I tried to follow it. I knew that my burgers were a bit thicker so I had to adjust to make sure they got cooked all the way through. But once you flip the burgers once, you cover one side with mustard. Then flip it back for a bit and cover the other side with mustard. Then, put on a strip or two of bacon and top with cheese.

Once it’s cooked all the way through and topped with onions, sauce and pickles, it will look like this.

Unfortunately, because of the large bun I had, you don’t get the full effect of how epic it is. But, the taste was still amazing. The pickled onions and sauce made this burger feel that extra bit special. You can make a plain burger, or you can take an extra few minutes and add so much more to the taste. I highly recommend the latter method.


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