Nasi Goreng

This week I’ve decided to post a veggie friendly recipe. Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of vegetarian meals and discovered a whole new side of cooking. Lots of people think that just because a dish has no meat that it’s somehow lacking. I’ve found that to be completely untrue. Not only do you get great taste, but you’re just as filled up as with any meat you may eat. This particular dish is Indonesian inspired from Jamie’s book. It’s not too complicated, but with lots of great tastes!

The two basic aspects of the dish are rice and egg. This is complimented by some pickled cucumber on the side. I started off by cooking some Basmati rice. Once that was done, I chopped up some onion, garlic and ginger. I followed the recipe closely, but left out the chilli peppers. Added all this to a pan  and cooked for a few minutes. I added the cooked rice and some coriander stalks, sugar snap peas and small bits of broccoli. The last step was to add some fish sauce and kecap manis (which I didn’t have so I mixed brown sugar with soy sauce). This gave the dish that nice brown colour.


While the rice was cooking, I quickly made the pickle with some coriander, rice wine vinegar, lime and fine white sugar.


The last step was just to fry an egg and to add some green onion and chilli sauce on top.


That’s it! All super simple stuff and you have enough to feed about 4 people. The pickle was a great touch to the dish and complimented the slight sweetness of the rice. There are just so many flavours in this dish, from sweet, to sour, to spicy. This would also make an excellent side to some pork if you want. But, there’s really no need to add anything to it because it already has great flavour and is enough to fill you up. It’s also very easy to make so if you don’t have a lot of time, but want a nice home cooked meal then this is a great choice. See you again soon!



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